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Philosophy word or philosophy in Indonesian represent absorption word of Arab Ianguage ????, what [is] also taken away from [by] Greek ????????? philosophia. In this Ianguage, this word represent word of majemuk and come from words ( philia = friendship, love dsb.) and ( sophia = " wisdom"). So that literal meaning [of] him [is] a " pencinta of wisdom" or " science". collected Philosophy word of Dutch Ianguage [is] also recognized in Indonesia. this [is] Last form more loo like with its genuiness. In someone Indonesian deepening philosophy area referred [as] " philosopher".
Word philosophy definition can be told to represent a falsafi problema also. But at least can be said that " philosophy" that about representing study than meaning and going into effect [him/ it] trust of human being [at] most universal and elementary side. This study [is] deepened [do] not by [doing/conducting] attempts and experiments, but by phrasing problem precisely, searching solution to this, to giving correct reason and argument for certain solution and finally from this previous processs [entered/included] into a dialectic. This dialectic in a word can be told to represent a form than dialogued.
Logic represent a both of the same science studied in philosophy and mathematics. This matter make filasafat a science which is on certain sides can be told showing many exact facet, [do] not [is] such as those which anticipated [by] many people.

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