Saturday, January 2, 2010


From various mind element of Hellenik, New Platonism ( Neoplatonisme) [is] one other most having an effect on in Islam philosophy system. Neoplatonisme alone represent clan philosophy of musyrik ( pagans), and [his/its] reconciliation with a[n apocalipse religion generate big problem. But as teaching which [is] have jetty [to] [at] idea of Plotinus ( 205-270 M), virtual [of] Pregnant Neoplatonisme [of] element making an impression on about teaching of Tauhid. Because estimated Plotinus as a natural Egypt pate;upstream [of] Hellenisasi [in] town of Iskandaria that teach concept about " Single" ( One the) as highest principle or source of cause ( sabab, cause). More than that, Plotinus can be conceived of [by] a mistikus, [do] not. in meaning " irrasionalis", " occultist" and or " learn teaching of esoterik", but in its limited meaning to someone trusting x'self have experienced of federating with God or " Fact of Mutlak."[9] To comprehend a few/little is furthermore [of] teaching of Plotinus we need to pay attention some element in teachings of Plato, Aristoteles, Pythagoras ( clan and baru) of Stoic
Plato divide fact to having the character of " angle" ( ideas, intelligibles) and having the character of " inderawi" ( sensibles), with congeniality that which angle that's which in fact there [is] ( ousia), become endless also unadjusted and. Including among that angle [is] conception about " Which Whether", residing in to the altogether and conceived of [by] beyond is existing ( being beyond, ousias epekeina). " Which Whether" [is] later;then identified as " Single", which do not be reached and known unlikely.

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