Friday, May 28, 2010

Eliminate Tear on Cheek, Eliminate Lara at Heart

Anxiety, grief and tears are part of a sketch of life in the world. Which empties into tears from the heart and soul berselaputkan anxiety sometimes heartbreaking, to create unrest and doubt.

Grief because of the longing that is so utterly in the stifling cause chest pain. Fragile souls too revolves around the nature and contents, to ask, where is the soul mate is. Then, the liver creates anxiety pieces, like a child who disappeared from her mother in a crowd.

The desire to meet the soul mate, is not that a disposition? All were present previously unnoticed, to have unwittingly become an inseparable part of life. A-Fitr is also that every woman wants to be a good wife and mother than to live in solitude. With the touch of love and caresses, will form a pious souls and sholehah.

Duhai ...
How noble a woman's position, especially when he was a faithful woman who can build and maintain the beauty of the light of Islam to suit every corner of the household.

Allaah has created a woman even with all its privileges, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding until keta'atan and fulfill the rights of her husband like the arena of jihad FII sabilillah. Therefore, sure that no scratches inner seeing another woman under the marriage age? Have we witnessed the pain of women who berazam maintain self-respect until he found a liver lover? Can we describe the feelings that groan at the sight of another woman gave birth to happiness? Or, do not we see the sad look of her eyes flashed when he saw aqiqah our children?

Tired ...
It would be a tired body and soul. Own paddling a small river craft with a sense of emptiness, without knowing a soul mate is there waiting.

Duhai ukhti sholehah ...
In Islam, human life not only for this world alone, because there hereafter. Indeed, every human being has been created in pairs, but not only limited to this world alone. Someone who has not found his soul mate, God willing, there will be reunited in the hereafter, for he is faithful and devoted and patient on his examination has established himself as a single in the mortal world. Maybe the prince did not wait to met and have been waiting on the edge of paradise, golden buggy to take you to the palace.

Restlessness and anxiety not to change the view to the owners of Love. Even if think that's always haunted, mind you own lara, duhai ukhti. Taqarrub is to Allaah. Restore all affairs to Him, not only was the Most Merciful and Giving. Endeavor, and a string of prayer Munajat inexhaustible pour out to the owner's heart. Do not compare yourself with other women, because Allaah would give the best for each of His servants, though he did not realize it.

Bother yourself be sad and cry at the end of the evening because it never thought anyone would after soul mate. Weep with tears in his application to every dark night prostration and silence. Make life is always full of good wishes to the owner of the Soul. Prepared for a round of time, until each motion step, and intakes of breath is worth of worship to Allaah. Tausyiah was always careful with the Divine tarbiyah to myself this is not lonely in the solitude.

Would not if have the time comes, will not run anywhere mate. Because since the soul has been fused with the body, your soul mate who had also written him.

Be patient ukhti sholehah ...
Is not the morning sun will always adorned with golden rays of luxury. The night was beautiful with soft rays of the moon stars fence. Nodes chirping birds were always cheerful joking night in the dark. Smile, smile like the morning dew stunning grain is always faithful to greet.

Eliminate any tears on her cheeks and remove lara in the liver. Accept all as part of this journey. With a big heart and soul, you will discover what the secret behind the catwalk of life that has endured. Until, one day you will no longer feel the ripples of anxiety and unrest as their own.

Hopefully. Bi Wallahua'lam shawab.

* LOVE embraced in the cradle PENA *
Allaah wa al-Hubb Lillah,
Authors: Abu Aufa

Note: This paper is the result of editing of the writings of Abu Aufa ever need You're entitled Lara's Own.
Abu Aufa: (Writers Diary book Life 2, has been published by PT Syaamil Cipta Media, Bandung, 2004)

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