Friday, May 28, 2010

Flowers bolls World: Episode Roses

My sister, although I do not really like the flower. But I like to observe and make meaning-the meaning of it. Because, do not we dituntunkan to bertafakkur against God's creation?

Dialog One Way
I've told you about sunflowers some time ago (if you have time to read my writing before). Description of someone devout, someone who cling to what is considered right, what is the principle. (At least according pemaknaanku)

My sister, surely you know the roses. Interest is often a symbol of love, romance, flowers in the colors clear, if he is red, then he turns blood red, black! If he was white, he was a firm white, sacred. Rare rose pink, although there may be.

Aromatic roses, petals so disordered, many, and thoroughly protect the stamens. Roses are also not easily abort flower crowns, I prove it, how a rose still crowned and valvate although maybe if he picked with the stems and he was placed without water, he might have withered, but the crown did not fall!

Flower petals were still longer protected, no less firm. Not only that! You know, my sister? Roses so difficult to reach! Yes! We must be careful because the stalks which pluck a small but sturdy although it spiked.

That's it. Every time I watched part of the roses. Every part of the interest was so steady and unwavering, in addition to its beautiful and fragrant smell. Roses so fascinating.

Roses so mysterious, elegant. The splendid shapes and smells, all make people want to enjoy it, picks it, own it. But, it was not easy to get it. To pick them we must be careful that the bones do not hurt. We can not arbitrarily casually memtiknya, if we do not want to 'attack' by the thorns. Stalks are also not easily broken. If you've ever experienced, we must use tools (scissors, knives) to cut it. Right?

Hmmmmmm ... ... .... That's it. Roses. You know, my sister, that there are women like roses. But, probably not much. And a Muslim is like a rose? Well of course even less.

I'm not talking about physical beauty, even if it is inside a person, we can not deny that for a compliment.

Or Muslim women who like roses, so pleasing to the eye. Her beauty radiates from a deep ketguhan. If she is indeed blessed with physical beauty by God, he will be more beautiful. Kalupun physically he was not classified as 'very pretty' but she radiates beauty another. Beauty that led to a very high degree. Elegant.

Women are like roses have a firmness of principle, she understands every detail of her is so precious, for that he guard it, protect it carefully. See how many 'weapons' that held the rose to protect the pistils and stamens. That is, women especially Muslim women, dituntunkan to always protect themselves, because every part of body, soul and minds have the potential beauty.

Women or women of character roses are also very strong stance. He's not easy to shed his self-esteem for things that do not conform with the road perinsipnya. See, what a crown of roses is not easy to abort even though she wilted flowers. Seteguh women roses will not shed his honor. He will guard even though he had to fight for it. The situation does not make him a crybaby.

One more thing, my sister. Roses are not easily picked. The women are strong and affirming, intelligent and enlightening, and either fix will emit a lot of energy. Everyone knows that he has banayak charm. But it does not make him cocky charm. Even so, the women are characterized by a rose always exudes friendliness, kindness. But to get it? Whoa! It's not hard to get, but he has izzah (dignity, honor, sense of PD, not for himself but proud of 'proud' because he holds fast to Islam and all the rules).

The enchantment of roses makes people dare not playing. Enchantment of the characters 'roses' will select the lucky ones who got in a good way, not pilfer much less pick them by force! Because if it was done, the rose will hurt pemetiknya hands are rough and not civilized, right?

So, anyone who wanted to pick the roses Muslim, he must be a man who has the determination and fighting spirit! He should ask a Muslim roses from the owner. Who owns it? The lover of the rose and the rose garden owners who since childhood care and keep the roses that grew into a steadfast Muslim.

How? If you read my writing this and you're a woman, a Muslim, I hope you guys rushing to become the most beautiful roses in the garden house of your parents. If you're a man, a Muslim, and being 'admired' one of the roses, be prepared to become pemetiknya the 'sekufu', not because of the things that are visible, but from how you pick them!

Knock the door of the fence where it grew roses, roses go to families where they grew and maintained (not home much less damage and forcing slonong!) And then ask the Creator because He is the owner of the rose and pemeliharanya essential. Ask that He is pleased to make you a pair of beings that spread goodness in the garden of earth and heaven with the glory which knocked awake!

Al-adawiyah Robiah
MHS FH Univ Eleven March (UNS), FLP Executives Solo

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