Friday, May 28, 2010

Flowers bolls World: Episode Sunflowers

Because I love to write to you, maybe also for myself. As a reminder or a thoughtful friend.

Today I saw my neighbor's sunflowers are at home. School children took time to touch it, my sister even asked for seeds to be planted in the garden behind our house.

And me? I enjoyed it from inside my house. My brother shouted admiringly, "look! He always followed the direction of the sun! "Yes! Of course, I thought. His name also sunflowers. But it may also partly named so because the color is bright yellow, rounded to resemble celestial bodies, the planet's central highway: THE SUN

Flowers became my inspiration, write it down for you. Flowers matahri always follow the direction of the sun. He was so sincere and exposes her face turning to the UE.

As the sun began to sink, dusk came and the sun ducked interest, as he said; "where matahariku? I lost direction. " My sister, my beloved Muslim, did you ever feel the twilight atmosphere? As the sun began to sink and the sky red?

If I do, sometimes dikala dusk came, there was a sadness that had suddenly ambushed, there was an air sadness, fear (especially if I'm still on the road, waiting for the bus, or walking when maghrib, had not yet reached home there was an uncomfortable feeling). Ah, maybe that's why we are taught by the Prophet to pray and a lot of dhikr in the afternoon.

Back on sunflower. Perhaps he also felt the way I feel at sunset, huh? Sister, do not you know and feel that the sunflower was like a human? Man was created to follow what he believed. We should make the Quran as the sun, where they raised guidance, guidelines, and the radiant love of God. How God lowering the Koran like the sun shine upon the earth. Being a human guide in life.

We should follow the Qur'an wherever it takes us, obey what God show. Saying 'no' to what Allah, the Prophet, the Koran tuntunkan and make a guide for our conscience. Saying 'yes' and without Malau, hesitation or bid-nawar Koran commands. Ah ... ... ... ... my sister, when did we make the Koran the only sun in our life?

If not so, When we no longer make the Qur'an as the sun, deny it, distancing ourselves from him, turning our faces from him, to deny the promptings of conscience to follow him ... ... So we like the sunflower which lost its sun (hence, what he can be named ' sunflower 'again? While he no longer follow the sun, or lose its sun).

My sister, we're the sunflowers that are outstanding and prostrate ourselves under the Koran, which makes us light, life, becoming a guide so that we remain the best creatures and deserve the best title race.

My sister, I want us mengihiasi world, and when we become the people who follow the Koran, surely we will become people who are amazing! Without the need to admire yourself. We will be glorious without mendapik themselves as being noble. Like humans who admire sunflower, a flower from the garden of the earth.

Al-adawiyah Robiah
MHS FH Univ Eleven March (UNS), FLP Executives Solo

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