Friday, May 28, 2010

Prevent Anxiety, Keep the Spirit

Umm Limeh lately feel sluggish, less passionate in doing his job, luckily Limeh Umm could still not keep his emotions in a bad mood. If it was so weak, Ummi Limeh usually sit relaxed on her front porch while enjoying a mini flower garden in her yard.

'Goodness' Allah! "Called Ummi while massaging his chest. Aja bright surprise, Mrs. Esti nyodorin suddenly red folder. Bu RT's usual luggage folder, if not donated hygiene folder, well PKK donors folder. Hehehe ... same-same folder dues, just a different color aja.

"Ihh .. Bu RT makes surprise aja. Mending bikinin keq cake, "said Umm Limeh, although still deg degan in shock, still can becanda aja. Bu RT me-too surprised, just come diomelin.

"Oh iyah, it's not a nagging lo Mrs. RT," said Umm Limeh mind seemed to know the contents of Mrs. RT. Bu RT added surprise, koq know him know if he again Limeh Umm think that rich.

"That was an expression of shock due to Mrs. RT. What's going well, unusually-tumbenan come over here, using nenteng-nenteng map everything. "

"Ordinary ... if already carrying around a folder, especially if not donated," said Mrs. RT, know aja conscience of its citizens. Hehehe ....

"La, Ummi Limeh own hour-koq daydreaming at this hour, what is it anyway?"

"Do not know nih Bu RT, working so lemes, Kaga semangatnye ade. Kenape ye? "

"No tauuu ..." replied Mrs. RT spontaneous.

"Er, I mean, that's to play a Limeh Umm, well I do not know what the cause, maybe Umm Limeh tired, rest."

"Yeah times well. Kecapean times. "

"If work was relaxed aja, protect the health and appearance with enough rest at home, let tetep fresh."

Umm Limeh so thought, what a burden during this work well? Ah do not feel, he thought. Rest? Mmmm ... already enough koq. Well then what causes it?

"First ya, clean work place of the things that bother unless something must be done," explained Mrs RT to apply the knowledge gained. Umm Limeh serious listening.

"Do work in accordance with its interests. So the precedence is more important first, then new lightweight deh-light. Umm Limeh again if there is problem, promptly complete or hasten a decision. "

"Keep ... keep Mrs. RT ..." said Umm Limeh enthusiastic.

"Well ... preserve the spirit of doing the job."

"Continue .... continued .... "

"Continue ... aye mo go home first. Thanks infaqnya. Assalamu'alaikum! "Cried Mrs. RT goodbye. Umm Limeh resigned, but again the spirit of his spirit to listen to advice Bu-RT, er ... abandoned. Well, maybe Mrs. RT still be used to collecting contributions around the village, Umm think Limeh. Wah ... dah recover my energy Subhanalloh nih. Working again ... ahhh. (Ziah, Samarinda 300 503)

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