Friday, May 28, 2010

Beautiful Flowers in the Meadow Middle

Who among you who have never heard the saying "Do not know it would not be in love?". Of course it all already heard, both at the time of the lessons in proverbs Subjects Indonesian or in everyday interactions because of this proverb is often used by people. Now, instead there are a few changes and additions to the word in the proverb. Which is to become "Do not Know So TaÂ'aruf."

Berbedakah both?

From the second sentence, in fact there are differences in meaning if only a little and very thin. Place a permisalan. If you meet someone that you do not know at all, of course you want to know more and the desire to know him was so strong it appears in your self. You want to know what's his name, where he lived, what activities and everything that menyelingkupi your new friend's life. Under these conditions, the proverbial 'new' will be applied, "Do not Know So TaÂ'aruf."

Did you know that actually in the process of introduction that there has been a process that also grow in us. That is a process of sorting a group of friends. At the time we begin to launch a series of questions to him without we realize that we are looking for is equality and conformity in some respects an event that would be gluten introduction.

"Uh .. do not like to read books? "or" Oh, you live there, yah? Hmm, I have friends there, known as A is not well, he lived on the block Z. "

Adhesive processes in many people this relationship is defined as a process of "Do not Know it's Love.". No one realized that the real meaning of understanding is not merely an introduction will end with something sweet as expected in these sayings. There are times when, after an introduction occurs, then the introduction of self continues in each case further, a relationship of 'introduction' can be ended also participate along with the separation that occurs in a meeting. Why did this happen?

It has become a human need to be able to gain trust and security in themselves. This is what happens in the process of sorting a new group of friends who we know. Yup. There is an other process in an introduction that we unknowingly have lead us to perform a sorting and highly subjective because we need confidence and a sense of security and such.

Without we realize we start sorting and searching data whether he was quite helpful as a friend or not, there is a term which may be more fitting but its connotation in some people might hurt sensitive ears, which is "how decent people who just know that you can become your friend. "

"How inappropriate ...", sounding very arrogant and unfriendly yah? But despite sounding very rude, that's what actually happens in a process of introduction. In a simple mind, how might we be able to put our trust in someone who did not we know? In simple minds, how can we feel safe with someone who did not we know? Again, in simple minds, how we might provide a sense of affection, our love to someone we do not know. Is not "No know it's Love?"

And this is the ketertakjubanku on natural events that I actually got me thinking, is not always possible for a meeting with someone who we know we're not going to give birth to ta'aruf desire, and affection could have happened without a preceded by an introduction that contains a field biodata yang must be filled in the blank common digestive thoughts (ask your name, address, etc.).

The first event is an event in a city bus drove slowly on a jammed highway on the outskirts of Jakarta which was already very solid all the way to the vehicle body lines are milling about every day.

Days when it's hot enough and the smell of sweat began to spread passengers raises an uncomfortable feeling. Next to me sat a head-scarf girls, who was rather large. He is engrossed in reading a book. I glanced at the book in his hand and recognizes it as one of the books that often I see on display at the bookstore.

Casually (this really fun question because I'm getting fed up with waiting periods of traffic congestion), I began to ask about what books he read. The girl showed me the title. Then I began asking the question what the contents of the book ostentatiously friendly and the girl serving my questions patiently and full of smiles.

Hmm, it seems he began to understand the discomfort that I experienced in the crowded city bus and alienation to get rid of my seat so hard with full sincerity that girl to give time to answer my question. Without we realized we were involved a discussion of interesting and fun.

I really enjoyed reading and even happier if someone invited to exchange ideas about a topic from a material that I have ever read or I know. Imperceptibly until the final destination has arrived. The girl first had to get off of me and what he did later make me quite open and very impressive at a meeting with him.

"I want to give this book to you."

Subhanallah. I know in our conversations was that the book was not two hours ago he bought in bookstores. Even into the mid-page any girl reading it has not been completed. How could she just give it to me earlier when he'd just said that he wanted the book for a long time so that little by little she saved her pocket money to buy the book.

"No. I do not want it. The book is yours, you have not finished reading it, read the first process to finish. "I reject it out loud.

"But I want to give this book to you." She was adamant.


"Accept it. Consider this my gift to you, you really deserve it. Come, take this book as a memento from me because I do not know when we will meet again in time to come. "

Duhai. Sentence raises a profound emotion, I hesitated for a moment but soon realized that this was not the time to be melancholy. "No. I can not accept. "

"Please accept this gift. You have not read it, read it, I've read some and it is very interesting, while you have not read it at all, I want you to read it too and read to the end. "

"Why?" I asked stupidly. I really do not know why she insisted on giving her new book to me.

"Why do you want to give me your new book, whereas you want this book for a long time. Why? "

"Because I love you. I want to give my best for you and now that I have is this my new book. Believe me I love you because God alone, so if you want this time other than me, like my eyes, my hair, my hands, all will give you this minute because I love you because God alone. "

I'm even more dumbfounded. There is no one-hour discussion, but we talked and affection which he has been so profound to me while I had his name because he did not know I make a friend just to kill time jenuhku inside the vehicle.

There is a growing sense of emotion that swelled in my chest to hear his last string of sentences at a time gave birth to a clear encouragement to publish the pearls from the point of my eyelids. I can not say anything because of emotion and bandaged it had changed hands, placed her inside the mine while she prepares to step down from the vehicle. At the next stop she began to stand aside.

"Mbak .. thanks yah. I do not know how to respond we have not even had time to get acquainted. Mbak also do not know who I am. "She was just a friendly smile to hear the sentence that may sound very stupid.

"It's not important. Which I know you are my sisters in Islam. Hopefully we can meet in the other with each opportunity in better condition. "

Then the bus stopped and after saying hello, covered girls shot down while waving his hand to me. I returned his greeting with a smile and after he disappeared from my sight I began to read the title of his book.

"Being Muslim kaffah."

Hmm, maybe he gave the book because I have not covered. Yup. Indeed it happened so long ago, when I was in college and still a lot to consider so many things that have not incurred a strong desire to cover auratku complete with a proper hijab.

I was very impressed with the event because the campus, the other Sisters friends over many who choose not to put their trust and affection for as given by the girls. On campus they impose a distance in a relationship with me that in fact it actually has the same religion with them it's just that I have not covered. Muslim image as an exclusive group in my head has been destroyed in seconds with the presence of the head-scarf girls.

Now I thank God already wearing the hijab, was married and was blessed with two sweet Jundi. Avocation in the affairs of my job as a housewife leaves almost no spare time for me. More than that, sometimes resulting in a process of selecting friends who continue to hang out there without me realizing it.

If the other mothers in my neighborhood often gathered in front of his house so the fence could be said I rarely go together with them. If there is a meeting between the mothers in my neighborhood, whether it's gathering rt, waging a monthly, monthly meetings between citizens, or even formal occasions such as salvation or festivity, we can be sure I was only present at the official ceremony took place only. After the official ceremony is finished, when a plate glass began to be collected in the middle of the mat, I chose to resign immediately rather than participate clustered together with other mothers who create new conversations and events outside of the core events.

Hmm, I'm still trying to get along, smiling and joking or discussing with my friends mothers of other households in the context of an event that I follow are still ongoing. After that, the show was over, I would prefer to resign more reason to avoid kemudharatan.

It's not a secret anymore what is being done by the mothers of the household if they got together and began to mingle with each other outside a coordinated event. They will talk about things that are not helpful and this is what I avoid. Involved in friendships as it takes me like a fruit simalakama. Eaten in the sense that we involve ourselves, we will be affected by their atmosphere because inevitably we will issue a voice and are involved in their conversations that we will regret it later myself. The second option is to not eat it, that we remain silent so listeners and that means we let the contents of their conversation will be entered into our ears without a fight, settles in our hearts and will unconsciously generate a discussion with myself that gave birth to a more su'udzon and discomfort.

There is a justification that I hold in my decision to do what I think is good for me, that is preventing a major kemudharatan more than spread the benefits. Hmm, really justify this? WallahuÂ'alam.

Now, in choosing a friend in the bustle of everyday interactions that both events are also very touching and gave me a very deep impression. It happened tucked into the daily routine events and in the time unexpected. Ie shubuh time.

There is a special joy that I feel towards shubuh time. Namely the opportunity to walk to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere before shubuh alone with my husband. Our goal Mosque is located quite far away from home and lay in the interval of time that the way to the mosque is usually filled with light conversation apart from feeling upset, sick and tired of going to routine work and activities.

There is only jest or vent, accompanied by counsel interrupted mild joke. Usually, after performing prayers in congregation at mosques shubuh we immediately went to the house because of the daily routine tasks have been waiting for. That's why time went to the mosque to be more special (to be more special because sometimes my health which is often disrupted due to fatigue and laziness will be the daily task of making this sweet event becomes increasingly difficult to do).

That day, as usual I immediately folded prayer gear and started getting ready to go home when there was someone who greeted me. An elderly woman who seemed to smile and give greetings. I returned his greeting with a smile.

"How are you boy? Why did not seem so long ago? "he stirred, I approached the old lady and sitting in front of her as she greeted him politely.

"Sick bu. I've been sick for several days so I can not go anywhere, including to the mosque. But thank God now healthy again. Own mother how's it going? "

"Alhamdulillah healthy kid." My mother was still staring at me with a gentle smile once. Suddenly he grabbed my wrists and held it very tightly.

"My mother longed to see coming .. nearly half months is not seen you here present. "I just smiled to myself could not help but wonder. Half months, meaning that the mother was counted. This means again, this mother of pilgrims stay on in the mosque when shubuh this time ... well ... how could I not know this mother's presence every time I pray here. Hmm, maybe because I'm always hurrying to get home because the thought of housework was already lining up to do. Oh, how I care not in my neighborhood over the years. Capital sentence was beginning to feel like satire to me.

"My mother always prayed for my son ... you sound really, mothers because God loves you and always look forward to seeing you here in this mosque, though his own mother was not sure because my mother was very old and increasingly fragile."

Subhanallah ....
This time I really feel touched. During this time I never noticed what was happening to the environment around me. I've been busy with keseharianku own affairs, I am busy with myself while the old lady in front of me, which may be her life more difficult, more complex problems, more complicated things about everyday, still have the ability to observe their environment.

Hmm .. you know. The second memorable event on top of that is actually a very sweet advice from God for me. Subhanallah. Sometimes, the advice was not always just be a stretch tausiyah length about hadith and verses.

An advice can also be a deed. Just as the act of veiled girls in the city on buses. By showing kindness and decency and keikhlasannya (until now I never once saw him again, may God merahmatiNya always, amen), I'm so excited for beauty and sweetness ukhuwah in Islam Muslim character real. More than that, there was a spirit to truly realize the identity as "Muslim kaffah", like the advice given in the book that he gave freely to me.

So also with the old lady in the mosque's (hik.. Wisdom .. I never met him again, and I got this second not know her name, where he lives and any information about him. Hopefully, he remained in the shelter of Allah SWT) . With the tenderness of a mother is wise, he reminded me that I missed the "mosque" is always how busy my activities ... mother also reminded me that my neighborhood during this assessment will actually not always true. Is not in the middle of green grass in the middle padangpun always tucked into a beautiful colored flowers scented flowers despite the presence of tiny barely visible?

Their presence alone is in the midst of thirst Conditioning long and tedious journey because of the monotony of alienation.
Their presence is a morale booster when ghirah began sagging because of the daily routine that began tense nerves. Hmm .. wallahuÂ'alam.

I remembered a hadith which says that:
"Not a perfect one's faith among you, that he loves his brother as he loves himself." (From the book of Saheeh Muslim, narrated by Anas bin Malik).

So great was the sense of brotherhood that is contained in the hadith is that no sorting inside groups based on a variety of ethnicities, races, classes, nationalities and skin color. Everything is family. "Truly the believers are brothers." (Al Hujurat: 10).

Love here is the desire of all the good that he has to take also felt by his brother.

"By the One who was my soul is in his hands, not perfect one's faith that he loves his brother as he loves his own goodness." (From the history Nisaa'i).

Goodness here is good "according to the Shari'a" as the science that is useful, which pious deeds, and the result is positive. There is no room here for the subjective assessment of what we often apply when we choose our friends without realizing it. Just like fine advice given by the girl in the city bus to me. While my friends rejected my presence Sisters who are "different" by those who covered the width, then the girl with full sincerity ukhuwah taught me the meaning of true and unknowingly gave me the spirit to "recognize Islam (the religion of peace) or more away." Subhanallah.

Hopefully we can all learn to can also become role models like these two characters "real" that I met in my life. It was Almighty Allah who gave me a very valuable lesson.

"O Allah, You are my Lord, there is no God but Thee.
You who created me and I was your servant.
I am bound in agreement with You sekemampuanku.
MU-I seek refuge from all the evil I have done.
I acknowledge the favors-MU to me and I confess my sins, so forgive me, for nobody can forgive sins except You "(Narrated by Bukhari)

Ade Anita

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