Saturday, January 2, 2010

Appearance Philosophy

Appearance Philosophy
Philosophy, especially Philosophy West appear [in/on] Greek of semenjak about century to 7 S.M.. Philosophy emerge when people start berpikir-pikir and discuse situation of nature, world, and environment around them and [do] not drape x'self to religion again to look for answers to this questions.
A lot ask around why philosophy appear [in/on] Greek and [do] not [in] other civilized area [of] that scorpion like Babilonia, Yudea ( Israel) or Egypt. Its Answer modestly: [in] Greek, [do] not as in other area [of] him [there] no priest caste so that intellectually people more free.
First greece which can dub [by] philosopher [is] Thales of Mileta, now [in] coastal area of west of Turki. But biggest Greek philosophers of course [is]: Sokrates, Plato and of Aristoteles. Sokrates [is] teacher of Plato while Aristoteles [is] pupil of Plato. May even exist having a notion that philosophy history is not other only " Masterpiece comments of Plato mere". This matter show influence of very big Plato [at] philosophy history.

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