Saturday, January 2, 2010


Have been expressed that Neoplatonisme quite a lot influencing Islam philosophy. But in fact Neoplatonisme which to Moslem people hand, differing from which to previous Europe, which have been mixed with strong elements [of] Aristotelianisme. Even frankly [all] Moslem failasuf exactly look into Aristoteles as " first teacher" ( al-awwal al-mu'allim), showing their very big respect, and that way also influence of Aristoteles to mind road;street [all] uppermost Moslem failasuf in Islam philosophy
Neoplatonisme alone, as movement, have desisted semenjak the fall of Iskandaria on-hand Arab Moslem people in the year 642.[12] Existing cause since then dominantly [is] Islam philosophy, which [is] its influence area cover almost entire/all area secondhand of Hellenisme
But before movement of Neoplatonis that [of] mandeg, he have to beforehand grapple together and deal with Christian religion. And [his/its] interaction with that Christian religion [do] not easy to, with oposition characteristic which enough reality. One of the its figure which must be referred [as] here [is] priest of Nestorius, Konstantinopel patriark, which because embracing Neoplatonisme and fight against church teaching perforced to take to Syria and finally to Jundisapur [in] Persian.

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