Saturday, January 2, 2010

Especial Priorities

Especial Priorities [Is] Obliged To To The Each;Every Moslem Apply Law Allah In All Aspect As According To its Ability Tuesday, 10 August 2004 07:44:28 WIB Real [is] including very easy matter once to you [is] to apply law with something which [is] Allah degrade in the case of aqidah, religious service, your behavior in the case of educating your children at home, in the case of your sales, meanwhile the including very difficult matter once [is] thou force or remove power which in the much its laws punish with besides something which [is] Allah degrade. Hence why thou leave easy matter and do difficult matter ?. This matter show to one of [the] among two possibility, first possibility [of] education obsolence and tuition, caused [by] [both/ second] possibility [of] obsolence of aqidah pushing them so that more is paying attention [of] something which they [do] not ready to to him [him/ it] than paying attention something which within measure them readyness Who Is Political Rightful Claimant ? And When ? Saturday, 31 July 2004 15:02:19 WIB Make self business with politics at the moment [is] to kill time ! Though we [do] not disobey the existence of politics in Islam, just only [is] same during us believe the existence of steps of syar'i logical which must pass by one per one. As for make self business in businesss ( politik) hence if only even also we really knowing the [of] businesss, knowledge of that us [do] not give benefit to us, because we [do] not have authority and decision to arrange people. this one Matter even also have enough made the effort useless us. As for occupied them with emotional businesss which flick away the spirit [of], hence that thing is the included in things able to avert them of stability in comprehending da'wah which [is] obliged to be upheld by each;every moslem of mukallaf Ground Change To Repair

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