Saturday, January 2, 2010


[Cover/Conclusion] As have been signed, Moslem people get acquainted with teaching of Aristoteles in the form of him which have been interpreted and processed by people of Syria, and that mean entry of elements of Neoplatonisme. Hence enough draw that while conscious Moslem people so about Aristoteles and what them consider to be its teachings, but unconscious them, or pittance know the existence of elements of Neoplatonis in it. This difficult causing [of] him differentiate [among/between] both element of Hellenisme most having an effect on to that Islam philosophy, because related/relevant (it) is true one another Even if so admit of to be agreed to see the existence of typical influence [of] Neoplatonisme in the world of idea of Islam, such as those which later emerge clearly in so many Sophy understanding. Ibn Sina, for example, can be told a Neoplatonis, caused [by] its teaching about mystique journey of ruhani [go] to God [is] such as those which loaded in its buku, Isharat. And (it) is true Neoplatonisme which [is] that spiritualistik getting many way in into teachings of Sufi. What most uppermost [is] existing in teaching a group of Moslem people naming their x'self [of] Al-Shafa Ikhwan ( loosely: Brotherhood of Suci).[17 That way also, we fully can converse about major effect of Aristotelianisme, that is from the aspect of fact that Moslem clan exploiting many method think logical according to formal logic ( Aristoteles silogisme). Enough as evidence what a far it[him] influence of teaching of Aristoteles this [is] popular [of] science him of mantiq among Islam people. Hitherto there [is] still from circle ' moslem scholar' we who write about mantiq, like K.H. Bishri Musthafa of Apex, and science of mantiq still taught [by] [in] some pesantren. (It) is true have come up some ' moslem scholar' in the past trying to demolish science of mantiq ( like Ibn Taymiyyah with its buku, Al-Manthiq Naqdl and of al-Suyuthi with its buku, Al-Mantiq al-Kalam wa Shawn ' an

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