Saturday, January 2, 2010


Growth Philosophy grow as result of intellectual interaction [among/between] Arab Moslem nation with vinicity nations. Specially their interaction with nations exist in northside Jazirah Arabia, that is nations of Syria, Egypt, and Persian. That Interaction take place after existence of Iiberations ( al-futuhat) of the areas immediately after pass awaying Prophet of s.a.w., below/under [all] khalifah. Areas which [is] immediately freed by that Moslem people [is] llama areas which have is natural [of] Hellenisasi. More than that, except Persian, areas which later;then become centers civilization of that Islam [is] areas which have beforehand experienced of Kristenisasi. Even in fact Islam areas hitherto this, since Iraq [in] east to Spanyol [in] west, [is] practical [of] Christian religion area secondhand, including its its[his], that is Palestinian. That Areas, below/under power of governance of Moslem people, hereinafter (it) is true experience of process of Islamisasi. But that process walk long within, during for centuries, and in peace. Even that Christian areas [do] not only experiencing of process of Islamisasi, but also Arabisasi, beside the existence of areas which (it) is true since far before Islam originally represent certain Arab tribe area like Lebanon ( clan of tribe of Bani Ghassan Which [is] Christian, satellite of Romawi). But religious political blessing [all] power of Moslem pursuant to Islam tolerance concept, hitherto still many minority sack;bags [of] Christian and Jew which stand at bay safely. Caused by Islam concept about religions kontinuitas ( that is, that Prophet religion of Muhammad [is] religion continuation [all] previous prophet, specially Prophets of Ibrahim, Isma'Il, Ishaq, Ya'Qub or of Isra'Il, Mozes and of Isa-Yahudi and of Kristen),[4] Moslem people of menyimpan feel near by or that certain to them afinitas. And feel near by that follow to bear the existence of lenient attitudes, sympathetic and akomodatif

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