Friday, May 28, 2010

A Letter of the Brethren

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb

Sorry if I was not accepted in polite words I actually said this to me uneg uneg current state of the Muslim and Muslim protest to the magazine, I am very sorry to see the headscarf Sisters really a Muslim headscarf can be labeled a slut just because now this phenomenon hood slang or gaul jilbab became ubiquitous trend so sorry for them so join follow-up kebawa carry.

To me as a Muslim believer is required to remind his brother that if he makes mistakes, through this email so that I just reminding Muslimah fashion muslimah selective in showing that in accordance with outlined outlined the Koran and tall again by Al hadiths, this is the media Muslim Questioning due to the symbols of Islam, especially among Muslim women who do not fit the example outlined is a photo of a woman who was seen wearing fashionable headgear I apologize for not mentioning not seem like the hijab headscarf at column mused hosted by Renny Novia M Princess on the second edition of the No. 16 Year 1424 Ramadan H November 2003.

Therefore, I request that the Muslim is more selective in showing the photographs to be consistent with the shari'a and in order not to cause fitna Also I want to comment on the artist? artist who now says the headscarf slang is ok but do not know persolan fundamental phenomena as is the case hanging hijab headscarf in the accessories now be modified to Islamic values and Islamic values ditampikkannya left behind even by the laws and conditions - conditions that must be implemented in wearing the hijab, so what is said in an interview Hj Lutfiah Sungkar disebuah private TV who said that the headscarf should be closed until the chest as shown in Suarat An Nur: 31 and a phenomenon that occurs must be repaired for a magazine that is not Muslim as Muslim youth should be in line with Islamic missions.

Thank you.

Wearing the headscarf or hijab is obligatory, sebagaisuatu definite or absolute necessity for the believing women adult women or Muslimat. Is essentially Kitabullahdan Sunnaturrasul. Regarding the obligation for women in hijab head-scarf and believing women Almighty Allah has said in Surat al-Ahzab (33) of paragraph 59 which reads: "O Prophet, say to your wives, daughters and wives of the believers:" Let their head handed to all their bodies. That is so they are more easily recognized, because they were not molested. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

And Letters An Nur (24) of paragraph 31 which reads: Say to the believing women, let their gaze and maintain their chastity, and janganlahg they reveal, except the usual look of him. And let them cover with a cloth hood scarf to his chest, and do not reveal their adornment except to their husbands, or fathers, or fathers of their husbands, or their sons or their husbands sons, or brothers - their brother, or the sons of their brothers, or sons of their sisters, or their women, or slaves they owned, or the servants of men who have no desire for women or children who do not understand about women's genitalia. And do not meeka slapped his leg so that they are known to hide jewelry. And bertaubatlah you all to God, O people who believe that you are lucky

Clearly these two verses show that Allah SWT has obliging to the believing women that they should wear hijab. When it comes down letter An Nur (24) of paragraph 31 which govern women believing women to wear the veil, the sahabiat (Muslim) do solemnly, as in the hadith of 'A'ishah said: Hopefully God loves (bless) the women muhajirat when God Lower paragraph : And it seems they were hood-hood until kedadanya. They are all the fabrics that have not been sewn, and then they use to make the veil (Bukhari).

Limit a woman's private parts that must be covered is the whole body except face and palms of hands until the palms of the hands wrists, according to the Hadiths of the Prophet SAW, which is narrated by Abu Dawood from Ayesha, he said: O Asma! Indeed, if an adult woman / old age, it is not worth revealing something of himself but this and this.

Rasulullah SAW said, pointing to the face and both hands up to his own wrist. In another narration stated that: she was (necessarily) closed. It is clear that a woman's body is mandatory aurat closed except the face and hands up to his wrist.

The following hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, among others narrated by Bukhari and Muslim: Umm Athiyah said: We (women) were ordered out of the woman who was menstruating at the feast and also her seclusion to attend (watch) and the prayer of the Muslims jama'a , but the woman who was menstruating for so away from the place of prayer. One woman asked: YES Prophet, one of us do not have a hijab. The Prophet replied: "Let a friend loaned to her scarf.

Hadiths are veiled strengthen obligations contained in surah Al Ahzab (33), paragraph 59. When the Prophet calls upon all women to attend prayers Muslimat feast there was a woman who was declared among the women there who do not have a cloth veil.

It turned out that the Prophet did not allow it or not memakluminya to be attended without a headscarf. Even the Prophet told her to borrow or lend his friend. In another narration that the Prophet was stressed to the Muslimat to try wearing a scarf though must borrow to others. Wearing the hijab is mandatory for women Muslimat, together with other obligations, such as prayer, fasting, charity, and others. In the sense of the word, the headscarf is compulsory, if not exercised is a sinner, when dilaksanakania rewarding. In other words, the veil that has a great distrust, as well as prayer, fasting, zakat and other-other or have a great distrust if not implemented. All it mandatory for women who believe Muslimat.

Eligibility requirements must be met head scarf so legitimate to wear hijab:

1. Clothing (hijab) must cover her entire body other than those excluded (the hands and palms and face), the neck until the chest above the front of the jilbab gaul combination should also be covered as well as the back of the neck / occiput neck should also be tightly closed, legs closed, including the downwards the ankles, the wrists to the limit of a closed hand palms.

2. Clothing is not for cosmetic jewelry, clothing or odd shaped not attracted the attention and not overpowering perfumed surroundings.

3. Not thin body shape looks so

4. Not so narrow that her body shape looks

5. Clothing that does not reveal his calf / leg or trousers that form the legs (permanent press) or the stump of his trousers and had to close up to his ankles

6. Tidakmenampakkan hair even though his neck a little and not too visible, although slightly

7.Busana that does not resemble male clothing and ladies clothing mnyerupai pagan / un-Islamic


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