Saturday, January 2, 2010


WHY PHILOSOPHIZE Questions like " Why someone require to philosophize?", or " To what end someone philosophize?", what sometimes impressing distrust this, [is] peculiarly analysed in this shares. Elementary question [it], " Why ( manusia) philosophize ?" Is ascription real correct that philosophy [do] not bring something to importance of human being or society in general? That philosophy only property of [all] philosophy student and philosopher? Later;Then, is real correct also proposisi that philosophy not possible (to) earn to justify yielded ideas of him, because [all] philosopher [is] just visionary corps? Moreover, why philosophy which have to play a role in things which nowadays " handled" by philosophy? Do [there] no something else outside philosophy capable to investigate [him/it]? the Critical questions will be tried to be to be checked [by] [at] overall of menu subs Why Philosophize? this.

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