Friday, May 28, 2010

Blessed Necklace

Jabir ibn Abdullah Al-Ansari said: "Messenger of Allah 'Asr prayers with us. When finished, he sat on the direction of Qibla, and the people around him. Suddenly, an old man came from Arabs who migrated kalngan. He wore a tattered cloth, and can barely hold themselves because of old age and weak. Then the Prophet approached him and asked how. The old man said,

"O Prophet of God, I'm hungry, give me a meal. I do not get dressed, give me clothes. I am poor, help me. "

Then the Prophet said to him, "I do not have anything for you. But those who show kindness to people who do the same. Because of that, go to where people who love and dirintai Allah and His Messenger, and the prioritization of God against himself. Go to the place of Fatimah. "(House of Fatimah Messenger border with private home, where he lived alone and separated from his wives). Then he said, "O Bilal, get up and take him to the house of Fatima."

Go man with Bilal. When he reached the front door of Fatimah, he was greeted with a loud voice, "Assalamu'alaykum, O inhabitants of House Prophethood (An-nubuwwah Ahlu Temple)."

"Alaikas-greetings. Greetings to you? "Asked Fatima.

Questioned replied, "I am an old Arab. I have to face your father, the leader who gave the good news, because of a difficulty. O daughter of Muhammad, I do not have clothes and in a state of hunger. So please help me, may God love you. "

At that time, Fatimah and Ali, the Prophet also know the condition of both of them. Then Fatimah took tanned sheepskin has been used as bedding by Hasan and Husayn, and he said to the man,

"Take this, O man who knocks. May Allah give you a better than this. "

The man said again: "O daughter of Muhammad, I complained to you that I was hungry, but you gave me a sheepskin. I can not do anything with it. With what I feel less hungry? "

When he heard what he said was, Fatimah took the necklace on her neck which was awarded Fatimah bint Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib. He decided from his neck and gave it to him, saying,

"This Ambilllah and sell. Hopefully God will give you a better compensation thereof. "The Arabs had picked it up and go to the mosque of the Prophet. At that time, the Prophet was sitting with his companions. The man said, "O Messenger of Allah, Fatimah gave me this necklace and said, 'Sell this necklace, I hope God will help you."

The Prophet wept. Belaiu said, "How God will not help you? You have been given by Muhammad's daughter Fatimah, daughter of the leader of mankind. "Ammar ibn Yasir arose and said," O Messenger of Allah, if you allow me to buy this necklace? "

"Buy, O 'Ammar," replied the Prophet.

"How much is this necklace, O Arabs," said Ammar told the old man.

"For the bread and meat filling, burdah (cloth) Yemen will I use to cover auratku and to prayer, and the dinar currency that will take me home to my family." Answered the man. Previously, Ammar has sold all part of Khaibar, the Prophet granted to him and no longer rest. He also said to him,

"To you 20 pence and 200 dirhams, Yemen and untaku fabric that can menyampaikanmu to where your family, plus bread and meat that mengenyangkanmu."

"How pemurahnya you, O men." Ammar Go with that person, to carry out the transaction was agreed upon. Then he returned to the place of the Prophet.

"Would you have been fed and have clothes," asked the Prophet to him

"Yes, even I have become rich." He said.

Prophet said, "Give a reply to Fatimah for what she had done."

The man prayed, "O Allah, Thou art our God is not looking for anymore than you. Rizki thou give it to us in every place. O Allah, grant Fatimah something that was never seen by the eyes and never be heard by the ears. "

Mengaminkan Prophet prayed. He then went to his companions and said,

"Allah has given it to Fatima in the world. I was her father, and no one else in the whole of nature like me. Ali's husband, had there been no Ali, there is no equivalent to him forever. God also gave Hasan and Husayn. Nothing at all like them both natural. They are the leaders of the prophet's grandson and leader of the young inhabitants of Paradise. "

Ammar then scent the necklace he'd bought with oil and wrapped in a cloth musical Yemen. He has a slave named Sahm, that he bought the shares (parts) which he acquired in Khaibar. Ammar gave the necklace to him and say,

"Take this necklace and give to the Messenger of Allah, and you became hers." Slave took the necklace. He took him to the Prophet and tell him what was said Ammar.

Then the Prophet said to him, "Go to where Fatimah then give the necklace to him, and you became hers." Slaves came to Fatima with a necklace and told him what was said by the Prophet. Fatima took the necklace and memerdekana the slave. Former slave and then laughed.

"What makes you laugh, my son?" Asked Fatima.

He replied: "What makes me laugh is how great a blessing this necklace. He satiate the hungry, dress the people who are not dressed, enriching the poor, freeing slaves and later returned to their owners. "

Thus the story of Fatima necklace.
Hopefully bring some wisdom for us all

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