Friday, May 28, 2010

Degree Women grab Sholehah

First is you must realize, that indeed I will not judge your face behind the veil yan beauty you wear, as well as treasures that you possess as an attraction to marry you. But beauty care, behavior, and to Allaah Islamic ketaatanmu primary. Indeed this very abstruse at times that are already filled with black stains caused by human actions, so that the women are not embarrassed anymore to sell her beauty and show competing with the private parts freely in order to satisfy his evil lust. But the Prophet taught that, to us through the hadith:

"Thou shalt not peristrikan women because of their wealth, because wealth is causing their arrogance. And do ye also peristrikan woman for her beauty, because beauty can be so humiliating and degrading their own. But women on the basis Diennya peristrikan. Indeed his skin jet black slaves but Dienya better, more worthy of you peristrikan ". (Narrated by Bukhari)

And God will not see their faces and forms jasadmu splendor. But he considered the heart and deeds you are doing. Will you be sure that women are panutanmu salafusshaleh, which has received guidance from the prophet Muhammad.

Umm Contohlah Khomsa a smiling happy to hear his children perished in the battle field. Of course you wonder, why a mother like that? the answer is because he believed his son had been waiting Jannah in the Hereafter, whereas you know, no one who does not want to end life in a place full of pleasure.

Say to your children someday:
... Thou shalt not hesitate and doubt, O my son, if you are busy collecting hartadan martyr than chasing promotion. So if you want to belong to groups of Islamic fighters who really fight for the rights of Allah and His Messenger. Give yourself and a strong devotion and also instill faith in your heart and His desire to menemuin a martyr. Imagine that Jannah is waiting, along with the angel who was decorated waiting lover-lover, that you own. As the Word of God:

"And in Jannah there are angel-eyed angel jelly, like hidden pearls" (Sura 56: 22-23) Teach our children in the future, that life in ISLAM does not mean looking at the superficial pleasures of this world so they have a happy in it and forgot about the Hereafter. Yet the Prophet teaches "Addunya mazra'atul akhiroh (The World is a farm next). So the world is not the final destination, but merely a bridge to get to a better afterlife and eternal so that they understand that the search for God keridhoan means continual sacrifice, As His Word:

"And among mankind is he who sacrificed himself for seeking God and God is keridhoan trustees to his servants." (Surat al-Baqara: 207)

Then they knew that the path they chose was not promising riches in this world that a lot, luxury homes, vehicles that many, or soft mattresses, rank and a woman, but the road is the road that they are all full of trials and thorns Datu thousand kinds of challenges. Because God will not give Jannah to us at low prices.

Berdo'alah to Him so that you are born later than rahimmu a child heir to the struggles of His prophets that they constantly pray for us. Educate them to be obedient and do good to us and to not associate God, as diwasiatkan Luqman to his children (31:31). Fahamkan them that the Apostle and the Prophet's heir struggles does not mean they only become warriors in the field of jihad, but also a devout (ascetic) at night. Our children's future is his mandate from God and therefore would be furious if we wasted it. Personal formation of the child is dependent upon us who educated him. Is he going to be people who believe or vice versa. Thou shalt pay attention to their food, interaction and education that they chose to follow.

Be thou like that can educate Siti Maryam Isa in the midst of public derision and diatribe. Or Siti Assia (Pharaoh's wife) that nurtures faith Musa in a palace filled with rebellion and infidelity. Then that is able to stabilize liver Masyitoh her children despite having to deal with boiling water for the truth. Or deperti Siti Khadijah R.ha. Ayesha R.ha, Hadrat Fatima R.ha who raised her children in the midst of poverty.

If you already understand the duties of the children in Islam, then hopefully God will bless ktia by giving children the pious, who are willing to sacrifice his life for the sake obey the commands of God, thou seharusnyalah ideology also that this world is good as well as jewelry and jewelry are women sholehah.

And one of the characteristics that must have if you want to become women sholehah and willing to obey your husband will like his Word in the letter of the An-Nisa: 34 that the man was a leader for women and good wives are those who are faithful (obedient) to husband and always maintain her honor during her husband was not home.

You shall vary with the women today who benyak neglecting husband and children, they are more busy with career, social gathering, invitations, or a waste of money and time with things that are not useful, and tends to show off his face and genitalia which is not strange. Find the pleasure of her husband in ways that have been diyariatkan Islam, because Allah has said:

"O Siti Fatimah, if you die in a state of 'Ali was not pleased with you, surely I will not ayahandamu menyolatkanmu".

Be thou valuable jewelry in the household, source of happiness hearts Conditioning and husband, berhiaslah you to please her husband, keep her heart so that you do not hurt him. Even with the small things. Tell me if it will depart for a living:

"O my husband look for a halal sustenance hand of God, do not you go home carrying illicit sustenance for us. We are willing and hungry living in misery with kosher food. "

And do not be prevented, if I were to leave for days because the call of Allah and His Messenger. Be brave like tabahnya Siti Hajar and Ismail Ibrahim abandoned middle of a barren desert. If I follow in the footsteps Yasir, so follow behind as sumayyah, when I say unto you "bitter struggle" then the answer for yourselves "Jannah's Sweetheart"

It's probably what I want to convey to you, you shall understand and follow as I show you but it must be remembered that you have done for God not for me, may God bless us and gave easy to follow instructions, amen.


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