Friday, May 28, 2010

A drop of dew

Assalamu'alaikum ...

Let alone an ordinary man, the prophet feels lonely without a woman. Without them, the hearts, minds, feelings will be troubled man. Still looking though everything was there. Moreover, that does not exist in heaven, but the Prophet Adam still miss eve.

To wanitalah man called the mother, wife or daughter. They made from the rib are bent to be straightened by a man, but if the man himself is not straight, not be able to straighten them.

No logical bent wood produces a shadow that is straight. Luruskanlah woman by way of guidance from God, because they were created that way by them. Educate them with guidance from Him: DO NOT TRY THEM WITH PROPERTY tame, lest they BETTER LIAR, DO NOT THEY HIBURKAN WITH BEAUTY, lest they MORE SUFFERING.

That while it would not solve the problem, Recommend them to God, the eternal substance, and there's the key. REASON HAIR-thin, make bold WITH SCIENCE, fragile GLASS HEART, reinforced them with FAITH, FEELINGS soft as SILK, WITH HIASILAH morals.

Suburkanlah because from then on will appear later after moving the assessment and justice of God. Will be comforted and blessed are they, though not so beautiful queen of the world, the president or the prime minister's country or women gladiators. Whisper into their ears that the softness is not a weakness. That is not discrimination of the Lord. Instead there the love of God, because the soft woman womb that render pregnant lelaki2 face: statesman, employees, millionaires and other wan-wan. Superman would not be born without a Superwoman. Women who forget the nature of the case, would not be entertained and comforted. Without science, faith and morals, they not only can not be straightened out, even they also bend.

KUSLAN MORE THAN THAT corrupted by WOMEN ARE WOMEN corrupted by KUSLAN. WOMEN ANY STUPID stupid-clever-clever can subdue KUSLAN.

That's the result if the woman does not know God. They will not know themselves, let alone know the man. Now not only have lost a lot of bosses secretary, even anakpun will lose a mother, a husband loses his wife and daughter of the father would lose. When the rebellious women of the world will be a riot. When rib fractures, corrupted the heart, liver and spleen. The men also do not just expect obedience but binalah leadership.

Make sure before leading her toward God Lead FORMERLY YOURSELF TO HER. jinakan himself with God finds jinaklah everything under our leadership.


Quoted from Padang Mbulan mailing list from an e-mail posted by Enny Handayani (12/01/1999)

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