Friday, May 28, 2010

Surah Qaf As Cause my Hidayah

A woman who has repented recalled:
Once I lost in the dark vices. Often my mother menasehatiku to cry but I assumed the wind went right, and I still continue to walk on this dark road, I'm late with wishful thinking and hayalan.

As day passes into the pitch-black night akau think also what I would do the next day. And at noon I was thinking also about what I would do to spend the night. My mind was only focused on world affairs and spend time alone without the slightest benefit, my days went by with songs, magazines and obscene movies, so my situation who are already overwhelmed with negligence.

One day I was bored with the monotony aktivitasku, also with the advice of my mother who reminded me of my father who had died, may God merahmatinya. I went into a room full of tapes, magazines and pictures, I suddenly heard a voice that shook the mosque imam hearing, an echo of divine kalam has thrilled me, 'Subhanallah, what a glorious word of it'.

"Verily We created man and know what prompted by his heart, and We are nearer to him than his neck vein. (Is) when the two angels record the deeds, a seat on the right and the other on the left. No one was saying she's saying but there is an angel nearby supervisor who is always present. And there came sakaratul deadly truth. That's what you always flee from it. And ditiupkalah trumpet. That's the day of implementation of the threat. And every soul came, along with him an angel, penggiring and an angel of the witness. Surely, you are in a state of neglect of the (things), then we reveal the lid than you (the cover) your eyes, then your vision is very sharp on that day. And that was with him said: 'This is (note to his credit) that available on my side ". He said:" Throw ye both into hell all those who really disbelieve and stubborn, which is very reluctant to do good, transgressor hesitated, who worship others along with Allah then cast him into the torment very '. The accompanying (satan) he said (others):' Our Lord, I did not make but he was the one who are in far error. 'He said:' Do not argue in My presence, when in fact I used to have provide a threat to you '. The decision on my side can not be changed and I never abuse my servants. (And remember) the day (which on that day) jahannam We asked:' Are you full? " He replied: 'Are there any more?' ". (Surah Qaf: 16-30).

As in real life, what a dreadful death, and so lalainya me. As if the grave is blocked by the negligence of my life. Prayers to the extent the habit of doing, if there's a chance I do, otherwise I leave. Likewise with other obligations.

The Book of God I never touch except at school, and that too if I join the lesson, if not, I'll go with my friends. . .!

Now the warning bell was sounded and echoed in my soul. I was surrounded by questions from all directions, 'Yes Divine what has kupersiapkan to answer your question?, What has kupersiapkan to the grave and death?, No. . ! I do not have anything other than rote-memorization songs astray, O divine, what should I do? I spent my years in gelimang sin day and night.

If I had to go back. . . back to God. . . and get ready to face the day when lalailah all women who breastfeed their children than children and servants disusuinya contents all pregnant women (Surat al-Haj: 2). . . I had to get up and work diligently and sincerely. I hope God forgives all negligence and receive a little kindness. . . no resources and efforts other than Allah '.

Quoted from: Nature of Repentance
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